Concrete mixers, Benford mixer spares, Belle mixers and other mixers.

At HPS we supply Concrete mixer parts for most site mixer brands. These include Benford Mixer parts, Terex Mixer parts, Winget Mixer parts and Belle Mixer parts.

These mixers range in size from the very portable 1/2 bag mixers made by Benford and Belle, to the large batch mixers made by Winget and Benford.

Popular concrete mixer parts are kept in our stock, but all other mixer parts are available from the manufacturer.

The most common mixers are the Benford, Terex CT mixer, the Winget 100T mixer, and the Belle minimix.

Common mixer parts:

  • Bevel pinions
  • Drive belts
  • Drive chains
  • Wheels
  • Mixing blades

All the above are usually ex stock

For all your concrete mixer parts contact us.


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