We supply plant filters, commercial filters, cooper filters and more.

Over 40 years we have built up an extensive knowledge of filters for all plant, agricultural and commercial applications.

At HPS we pride ourselves as being one of the cheapest suppliers of premium brand filtration in the UK.

For typical off road plant equipment, you’ll need an engine oil filter (maybe an engine by-pass filter), fuel filter, water separator filter, air filter and hydraulic filter. You may also have a cabin filter, hydraulic strainer, and a coolant filter. We also keep compressor filters, including the air/oil separator filters, and the air end filters.

We have extensive filter catalogues, as well as online resources, plus parts manuals for many machines. All of this filtration information helps us to identify your exact requirements.

There are several ways that you can help us to identify which filters you need.

  1. Machine model ( and serial number is possible).
  2. Engine model.
  3. Any numbers or names on the filter you are replacing.
  4. Sizes/dimensions of the filters you are searching for.

Any of the above will help. We don’t need all of the above.

Typical service intervals ( these can vary):

250 hours: change engine oil filter and air filter
500 hours: change fuel filter and hydraulic filter

For all your filters contact us today.


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