Supplier of Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic hoses, and other hydraulic parts.

At Hydraulic Plant Services, we supply a comprehensive range of hydraulics for all plant and agricultural machinery.

This hydraulics range includes hydraulic hoses, valve blocks, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic piston pumps, hydrostatic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, flow restrictors, hydraulic adaptors, quick release couplings, hydraulic seals and also test equipment such as pressure gauges and flow meters.

On our premises, we assemble hydraulic hoses to pattern here at our premises. We keep a large stock of different hose, plus many different types of hose fitting. This means we can make up hoses for virtually every type of machine. Fittings we keep include, BSP, JIC, Metric, ORFS, SAE, NPT and Caterpillar flanges.

Valve blocks, pumps and motors are available from manufacturers such as Ultra, Parker, Cassappa, Roquet, Marzochi, Sundstrand, Hamworthy, David Brown, Charlynn, Haldex, Roller Stator, Salami, Bosch,  Kayaba, Diesel Kiki, Eaton, HPI, Bucher,  Chelsea, and many other brands.

Quick release couplings are used on most hydraulic machinery, and we carry many different varieties. We keep old style Dowty couplings as well as the more modern flat faced couplings.

Hydraulic cylinders and seals are also available. Cylinders can be repaired, with new rods, new barrels and seals, or we can supply complete bespoke hydraulic cylinders. If you wish to repair your own hydraulic cylinder, then we’re happy to supply the seals for it.

We supply test equipment from a basic pressure gauge to sophisticated diagnosis equipment.

To compliment our hydraulic range we also supply a full range of hydraulic filters.

For all your hydraulic parts, please contact us.


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