Mini digger parts and spares, Pel Job parts, Bobcat parts and spares

At Hydraulic Plant Services Ltd, we supply spare parts for mini diggers from 0.75 tonne, and upwards.

Manufactures that we supply parts for are Caterpillar, Kubota, JCB, Bobcat, Yanmar and Ammann, but we we also supply parts for Volvo and Neuson.

As suppliers of parts, we are happy to provide parts for the “whole” machine. This means we don’t just supply tracks and rollers, or just buckets and teeth, or just filters.

We supply everything you need to keep your mini excavator working, whether it’s undercarriage parts, glass, engine spares, electrics or hydraulics, as well as buckets, teeth, filtration, bearings, panels, and any other part on the mini digger.

With a combination of old fashioned parts books, CD’s and online spares manuals, we can identify, and quote for all your parts.

If you have an older model mini digger, and require spare parts, we can find most parts for you, and make it economically viable to repair and service your mini digger.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you don’t see your mini excavator shown above.

If you need any Mini digger parts and spares please contact us.


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