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It is not always bright. Working safely, productively and with precision early in the morning, in twilight or darkness requires quality lighting. On the following pages, we present a selection of Bobcat halogen replacement lights or optional LED lights. Modern LED lights offer increased light output combined with long lifetime, practically eliminating any need for repairs or maintenance.

Front Lights and Tail Lights for Bobcat Loaders

Whether you are looking for a replacement for stock halogen lights damaged during demanding daily operation, or you would like to upgrade to the more powerful and long-lasting LED alternative, Bobcat has you covered. Here is our selection of front and rear halogen lights for Bobcat loaders. LED lights options are currently limited only to S100 machine. Other machine types are in preparation.

Position Used on models EMEA Type Positions Part # Notes
Front Light S70 Halogen Left & Right 6665728
S100 Halogen Left 6674400 or 6718042
Right 6674401 or 6718043
S100 LED Left 7259523 Replaces PN 6674400 or 6718042 Does not include bezel. Please order together with bezel 6674402
Right 7259524 Replaces PN 6674401 or 6718043 Does not include bezel. Please order together with bezel 6674402
A770; S450; S510; S530; S550; S570; S590; S630; T450; T590; T650; T770; T870 Halogen Left 7251341
Right 7251340
Tail Light S70 Halogen Left & Right 6707789
A770; S100; S450; S510; S530; S550; S570; S590; Halogen Left 7308795
Right 7308794

Optional Triangular LED Work Lights

LED work lights for Bobcat are available in both right-hand (7259524) and left-hand (7259523) configurations. They replace Bobcat’s stock halogen lamps (part numbers 6674400/6718042 and 6674401/6718043) and provide superior visibility, improved durability, and longevity.


  • 1,000 Effective Lumens of bright, white light.
  • 30 % more usable light compared to the stock halogen versions.
  • Homogenous light distribution with no hot spots is easy on the eye and reduces eye fatigue.


  • Excellent resistance against shock & vibration often causing premature failure of bulb-based lights.
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lens and housing.
  • Solid electronics for maximum durability.


  • Designed to last 20000 hours, compared to average 200 hours of halogen lights bulb life.
  • No need for repairs or maintenance for years.

LED Side Lights Kit For Loaders

The LED side lighting kit further enhances lighting capabilities on the side of the machine, with bright, far-reaching illumination and a minimal power draw. The side lights are integrated with the machine design, with ideal placement and protection against damage. The LED Side Lights Kit delivers long-lasting performance and higher light output for better productivity.

  • Part Number 7256348.
  • Fitted side lighting system for Bobcat Loaders.
  • 800 lumens light output on each side improving side visibility.
  • Includes wiring harness, switch, and all necessary hardware.
  • Side lights can be turned on or off by pressing a switch inside the cab.
LED Side Lights Kit A770; S510; S530; S550; S570; S590; S630; S650; S770; S850 T590; T650; T770; T870 7256348

LED Light Bar For Loaders

Bobcat LED Lights kit for loaders will bring your night time jobs to the next level. This system developed specifically for Developed specifically for Bobcat loaders, this system combines the easiest installation, thanks to its fitted design and all-including content, with huge 10,800 lumens light output, illuminating the loader’s surroundings for unmatched 360° visibility.

  • Part Number 7275379.
  • Custom light bar fits most Bobcat Loaders.
  • Direct fit on M-Series, G-Series, and later model F-Series loaders.
  • 6 lights for high visibility on dark job sites.
  • Includes wiring harness, switch, and all necessary hardware.
  • Each light can be individually aimed to suit individual job site conditions.
LED Light Bar A770; S450; S510; S530; S550; S570; S590; S630; S650; S770; S850; T450; T590; T650; T770; T870 7275379

Technical Stats

  • LED Power: 20W (x6)
  • Operating Voltage: 10–30V DC
  • Material: Diecast aluminum housing
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate
  • Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel
  • Flood beam pattern (90 degree)
  • Two 10w high intensity CREE LEDs in each light
  • Current draw 1.7A @ 12V, 0.85A @ 24V each


10,800 Lumens Total Output
Provides 360° lighting to illuminate the entire area around loader and at a much greater distance than stock headlights.


  • Lights are adjustable: Can rotate left and right and tilt up and down.
  • Loops along underside for cable management of wiring harness.
  • Extra bolt holes for hazard or strobe lights (sold separately).
  • Heavy-Duty, Powder-Coated Steel Construction.
  • Bolts fit factory holes on most Bobcat Skid Steer models. No drilling required to install.

Work Lights For Excavators

Various LED lights for Bobcat excavators are available to complement the offer of stock halogen lights. Range of models with light output from 1000 to 2800 lumens and multiple sizes to suit different requirements and fit mounting locations on cabs or booms of Bobcat excavators.

LED Light – 7412775

LED Light – 7412776

LED Light – 7412777

LED Light – 7412778

HALOGEN Boom, Cab or Canopy 7222118 H9 bulb 12V65W; PN 7312410 83×85×113 Factory mounted halogen working light
LED Boom, Cab or Canopy 1800 7335876 3 LEDs; 20 Watt 83×74×111 Factory option LED working light
Boom, Cab or Canopy 1000 7412775 4 × 3 Watt Cree LEDs; 12 Watt 72×40×64 To be used along with large Boom Light Housings Alternative to 7222118 or 7335876 lights.
Boom, Cab or Canopy 1136 7412776 8 × 1.5 Watt Philips LEDs; 12 Watt 128 × 47.5 × 89 To be used along with large Boom Light Housing (PN 7236811) Alternative to 6691410 lights.
Boom, Cab or Canopy 1600 7412777 4 × 5 Watt Cree LEDs; 20 Watt 75 × 79 × 78.5 To be used along with small (PN 7346002) or large (PN 7236811) Boom Light Housings Alternative to 7222118 or 7335876 lights.
Cab or Canopy 2800 7412778 7 × 5 Watt Cree LEDs; 35 Watt 111.5 × 69 × 111.5 To be used as a CAB or Canopy light. Alternative to 7222118 or 7335876 lights.
VOLTAGE 9–36 Volts
CABLE 20cm cable with Bobcat H11 connector
LIGHT PATTERN All LED lights use wide beam, close range ilumination pattern

Lights Kits For Excavators

In addition to individual working lights, Bobcat offers complete lighting kits for excavators. These kits, containing 2 front and 1 rear facing lights and all mounting hardware, can be additionally installed on the machine’s cab or canopy. Right-Hand Boom Light Kit offers additional light source to work in conjunction with the left-hand boom light already mounted on the machine, increasing working area illumination.

E25 AB8B11001 & Above 7241225 7241226 7241205
E26 B33211001 & Above 7241225 7241226
B3JE11001 & Above 7241205
ACRA11001 & Above 7241225 7241205
AJRY11001 & Above
B33211001 & Above
E32 A94H11001 & Above 7241225 7241226 7241205
AC2N11001 & Above
AUYJ11001 & Above
B2VV11001 & Above
B3CS11001 & Above 7241225 7241205
B3JF11001 & Above
B3K911001 & Above
B3Y111001 & Above
E35 A93K11001 & Above 7241225 7241226 7241205
AC2P11001 & Above
AR1K11001 & Above
AUYM11001 & Above
B3GR11001 & Above 7241225 7241205
B3JG11001 & Above
B3K811001 & Above
B3WZ11001 & Above
B3Y211001 & Above
E42 AG3411001 & Above 7241225 7241226 7241205
B2VW11001 & Above
B4GM11001 & Above 7241225 7241205
E45 AG3G11001 & Above 7241225 7241226 7241205
AHHC11001 & Above
B2VY11001 & Above
B3NM11001 & Above 7241225 7325151 7241205
B3NR11001 & Above
E50 AG3N11001 & Above 7241225 7241226 7241205
AHHE11001 & Above
AJ1811001 & Above
B3NN11001 & Above 7241225 7325151 7241205
B3NS11001 & Above
B4GP11001 & Above 7241225 7241205
E55 AJ1911001 & Above 7241225 7241226 7241205
ARWM11001 & Above
ASW311001 & Above
B3NP11001 & Above 7241225 7325151 7241205
B3NT11001 & Above
Cab 7241225 Two front and one rear lights*
Canopy 7241226 Two front and one rear lights*
Canopy 7325151 Two front and one rear lights*
Boom Right Hand Side 7241205 One right hand light*

* brackets, harnesses and all other mounting hardware needed for the installation are included in the package

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