angle brooms
Hydraulic and Manual Angle Brooms for backhoes, intergrated  tool carriers and wheel loaders are ideal for clearing parking lots, industrial plants, millyards, airport runways, streets, driveways and lanes.

Caterpillar BA18[241-8235] Angle Broom

  • Sweeping Width Straight –  2134mm
  • Sweeping Width Angled – 1702mm
  • Sweeping Angle – 30 degrees
  • Unique Suspension – Unique suspension system eliminates the need for support wheels. The brush element maintains constant ground pressure through a range of vertical motion (+/-8”) from the initial setting.
  • Variable Angle – Angles hydraulically or manually 30 degrees to either side; will also clean in straight position.
  • Long Life Bearings – Broom bearings are low- maintenance.
  • Parking Supports – Parking supports provide stable and secure parking of the unit.
  • Optional Dust Control – Water sprinkling system is available as an option for effective dust control.
  • Single Motor Broom – The BA22 broom is powered by one hydraulic motor.
  • Dual Motor Broom – The BA25 & BA30 brooms are powered by two hydraulic motors.
  • Manual Option – BA25 broom has manual angling option.
  • Diverter Valve – BA22 broom has an electrically operated diverter valve for 3rd valve hydraulic angling. Angles 30 degrees left and right.


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