Caterpillar Dirt Buckets leverage many of the same features found in general purpose buckets, but with lower volume capacity. They are recommended for tight areas where a narrower, lower capacity bucket is required. Applications include digging and light duty excavation in construction or landscaping.

  • Dirt buckets have shorter back height profile, shorter floor length, and are lighter in weight than general purpose buckets.
  • Full length skid bars provide additional floor rigidity and wear resistance.
  • Hardened steel base and side cutting edges provide excellent penetration, durability and wear life.

Caterpillar Dirt Bucket 1372mm   

  • width 1372mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.3m3   

Caterpillar Dirt Bucket 1524mm   

  • width 1524mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.34m3

Caterpillar Dirt Bucket 1676mm   

  • width 1676mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.37m3

Caterpillar Dirt Bucket 1829mm   

  • width 1829mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.47m3   

Caterpillar Dirt Bucket 1981mm   

  • width 1981mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.44m3