Rock Buckets for Cat Excavators are built for aggressive bucket loading in highly abrasive applications such as severe rock.

  • Designed For Extreme Duty – Rock Buckets have the thickest wear plates available for extended life in severe applications. The side wear plates extend further up the side and the bottom wear strips extend past the bucket wrapper for maximum protection.
  • Tight Tip Radius – The Heavy Duty Rock bucket has a tighter tip radius for greater breakout force and better penetration.
  • Thicker Base Edges and Oversized GET – These buckets utilize thicker base edges and larger GET than the standard General Purpose buckets for enhanced durability and performance.

Caterpillar Heavy Duty Rock Bucket 610mm (24in)

  • Width 610mm (24in)
  • Struck Capacity 6.7ft3
  • Heaped Capacity 8.1ft3

Caterpillar Heavy Duty Rock Bucket 762mm (30in)

  • Width 762mm (30in)
  • Struck Capacity 8.4ft3
  • Heaped Capacity 10.9ft3