Caterpillar Stump Grinders are designed to economically remove stumps in residential, commercial and agricultural settings. They offer increased production over tow-behind grinders in situations where multiple stump removal is required. The right balance of cutting wheel speed and torque makes quick work of most tree varieties.

  • Two direct drive models are available: standard flow and high flow.
  • Direct drive system features a variable speed, unidirectional, geroter style motor that delivers optimal cutting wheel speed and high torque for efficient grinding performance.
  • Heavy duty 547 mm (21.5 in) cutting wheel and 32 bolt on carbide teeth provide maximum durability and cutting efficiency.
  • Heavy duty, dual height, pivoting stand feet provide a stable platform when grinding. Feet are adjustable to compensate for specific machine coupler to ground height and tire dampers.
  • Rounded cutting head provides better visibility to the stump.
  • Adjustable cutting wheel swing (70 degrees), extension (280 mm[11 in]) and depth (30 degrees) provide superior operator control.
  • Swing and extension are controlled hydraulically from the operator’s compartment using an electro-hydraulic valve for greater productivity and swing cycle time efficiency.

Caterpillar Stump Grinder SG16B  

  • overall width 1175mm   
  • overall length 1737mm   
  • overall height 730mm

Caterpillar Stump Grinder SG18B   

  • overall width 1175mm   
  • overall length 1737mm   
  • overall height 813mm