HPS provide safety wear, safety boots, safety gloves, ear protection, eye protection, hi vis clothing and other safety gear

Safety wear is now a part of everyday life. Whether you need protection for your head, eyes, hands, feet, ears or breathing, we at HPS can provide the correct safety wear and equipment.

For head protection we supply standard safety helmets, reduced peak hard hats, bump caps, and many other protectors.

For eye protection we supply safety goggles, safety spectacles, visors, welding eye protection, Caterpillar safety glasses.

For hand protection we supply disposible latex gloves, disposible nitrile gloves, heavy duty manual handling gloves, PVC gloves, rigger gloves, welding gloves and gauntlets, chemical resistant gloves, and many other safety gloves.

For ear protection we supply economy ear defenders, extreme noise ear defenders, and ear plugs.

For breathing protection we supply safety masks, particle masks, respirators, fume masks and disposible refills.

For foot protection we supply all safety foorwear including steel toe cap boots, steel toe cap shoes, composite toes cap shoes, composite toe cap boots, steel mid sole boots, rigger boots, dealer boots, external toe cap boots, safety boots, safety trainers, steel toe cap wellington boots, food industry wellies, Caterpillar safety boots and Footsure safety boots.

Additionally, we also stock and supply a whole range of High Visibility clothing. This includes Hi Vis Jackets, Hi Vis Bomber Jackets, Hi Vis Trousers, Hi Vis waterproofs, Hi Vis Polo Shirts, Hi Vis vests and Hi Vis overalls.

Whether you call it High Vis, High Viz, Hi Vis or Hi Viz, it’s essential clothing, and can save lives.

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