Straps & slings, rachet straps, lifting strops, lifting chains

We supply a large variety of ratchet straps, lifting strops, lifting slings, camlock straps, over centre straps, lifting chains and brothers.

Our range of ratchet straps, includes ratchet straps from 350KG to 10 tonne safe working load. This means we can supply small roofrack ratchet straps, to heavy duty ratchet straps for lashing very heavy equipment. A variety of end fittings can be supplied, and bespoke ratchet straps can be made to your exact requirements.

Camlock and Over Centre straps are also available from stock.

Lifting strops and lifting slings come in a variety of industry standard capacities, and are colour coded. We supply duplex lifting strops and simplex lifting strops to suit all needs, in most lengths. A range of end fittings is also available. These lifting strops and lifting slings can also be made to your own requirements, and can also be printed with your company name.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will be happy to quote.

We also supply bespoke lifting chains, to your requirements, load restraints, lifting shackles and other lifting hardware.

All of our lifting products, are made/assembled in the UK, and meet all UK safety regulations.

If you need any straps, slings, rachet straps, lifting strops or lifting chains please contact us.


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