JCB: The History Of JCB, the JCB machines, Rocester, England

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JCB is a world-renowned manufacturer of agriculture, construction and demolition equipment, based in Rocester, England. JCB machines, JCB spares and JCB spare parts are produced in 22 plants across the world and sold in over 150 countries.
‘JCB’ stands for Joseph Cyril Bamford, the founder of the company, who established the business in 1945. Bamford initially purchased a small garage in which he created agricultural tipping trailers in Uttoxeter. Three years later the firm employed six people who together made the first hydraulic tipping trailer.
The 1950s were a busy time for JCB who used hydraulics to power their machines. 1953 saw the launch of the backhoe loader, with the JCB logo being used for the first time. In 1957 the ‘hydra-digger’, a tool incorporating both the major loader and the excavator, was launched as an all-purpose tool for both construction and agricultural industries.
The following decade saw JCB hydraulic tractors receive critical success in North America. Over 3,000 3C backhoe loaders had been sold by 1964 and the first 360-degree excavator was released the following year as the JCB 7. JCB was experiencing similar commercial success to that which the American company Terex, of which Benford Terex is now part, would go on to experience with its Terex dumpers.
Expansion continued throughout the 1970s, with the Loadall machine and other machinery being introduced in 1978. 1980 saw the launch of the JCB 3CX, a revolutionary back loader. The 21st century saw the JCB444, a diesel engine, designed and manufactured by the company in 2004. An exciting landmark was achieved in 2006 when two JCB 444 engines powered the JCB Dieselmax which reached the diesel world land speed record. The JCB Eco Machine was released in 2010, with the aim of increased machine efficiency and productivity.
The company motto is Jamais Content and as such JCB continues to push the boundaries of innovation, with its brand names continuing to be best sellers.
Those working with JBC machines will know it is essential to have the correct mini digger parts, dumper parts and engine parts. At the same time, plant safety and safety wear are essential. Lighting, batteries, tracks, water fittings and concrete mixers all need to work to a high standard. Lubricants help the machines to work well, as do rollers, filters and other classic plant parts.
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