We supply Mini digger tracks, rubber tracks, Bridgestone tracks and other types of tracks.

At HPS we source and supply rubber tracks and steel tracks for excavators from 3/4 tonne to 50 tonnes, as well as tracked dumpers.

Both rubber tracks and metal tracks are available in a variety of sizes. We can usually identify the correct tracks for your machine, providing you know the machine model.

Rubber tracks have additional identification, in the form of a part number, or a size embossed on the underside of each track. Examples would be 230x31x96BK, or 300-109-39.

Metal tracks can only be accurately identified, by knowing the machine model, or by a site visit.

Some mini diggers, especially current models, have an “interchangeable” undercarriage, which means that the machine can swap between rubber tracks and metal tracks, with no adapting. Those machines that do not have “interchangeable” undercarriages, will need other components changed as well. This could be idlers, rollers and sprockets.

If you have a machine with metal tracks, rubber track pads can be supplied to bolt on to the metal pads, to give the same effect as fitting rubber tracks.

For all your track parts please contact us.


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