Caterpillar Multi- Purpose Buckets have the same loading, reliability and durability characteristics as other Compact Wheel Loader buckets, with the added versatility for digging, dozing, clamping, grading and levelling in a broad range of applications.

  • Excellent clamping force allows the bucket to grasp large objects such as tree trunks, pipes, construction and demolition debris, increasing the functionality of the bucket.
  • Serrated side edge of the clam provides a gripping surface to hold material.
  • Clam opens a full 83 degrees to allow the bucket to be used as a dozing blade. The clam angle indicator shows the degree to which the bucket is open.
  • Dozing edge is reversible and also interchangeable with the front bolt-on cutting edge. The base edge for the clam portion of the bucket is the same type that is used on the general purpose bucket.
  • Hinge pin grease points are located at the pin ends outside the bucket for easy access and maintenance.
  • The hinge pins are retained with a cotter pin that mounts through the hinge in the clam assembly. The fabricated hinge allows for tighter tolerances when manufactured, resulting in increased durability and longer life.
  • Caterpillar’s XT hose is used throughout the Multi-Purpose Bucket design. O-ring face seals are used at all hose connection points. Hydraulic lines couple to the compact wheel loader’s hydraulic system using 5/8 inch Holmbury hydraulic couplers.
  • Bolt-on teeth & Bolt-on cutting edge

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 1524mm   

  • width 1524mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.3m3   

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 1676mm   

  • width 1676mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.34m3   

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 1829mm   

  • width 1829mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.37m3  

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 1981mm   

  • width 1981mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.4m3   

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 2134mm   

  • width 2134mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.43m3   

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 0.6m3   

  • capacity 0.6m3   
  • width 1770mm   
  • weight 374kg

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 0.8m3   

  • capacity 0.8m3   
  • width 1870mm   
  • weight 527kg

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 0.9m3 

  • capacity 0.9m3   
  • width 2050mm   
  • weight 547kg

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 1.1m3   

  • capacity 1.1m3   
  • width 2413mm   
  • weight 1111kg

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 1.3m3   

  • capacity 1.3m3   
  • width 2438mm   
  • weight 1089kg

Caterpillar Multi Purpose Bucket 1.6m3   

  • capacity 1.6m3   
  • width 2413mm   
  • weight 1361kg