Caterpillar Right Side Dump Buckets are ideal for metering bedding materials into a trench or loading a truck in a confined area.

  • Three grease points allow for complete servicing of the bucket.
  • Bolt-on teeth & Bolt-on cutting edge
  • Bucket retracts firmly into a V-slot when in the closed position, seating the bucket against the backstop. The V-slot design allows for maximum breakout force when the bucket is in the digging position.
  • Dump angle of the bucket is a full 85 degrees. The operator can obtain various intermediate angles using hydraulic modulation on the compact wheel loader. The bucket is lifted by a proven Caterpillar designed hydraulic cylinder from the Cat 928G Wheel Loader.
  • The locking pin holder, located on the bucket side wall, stores the locking pin when not in use and does not interfere with bucket operation.
  • Hydraulic cylinder rod ends have spherical bushings to minimize the effects of off-center loading and provide extended life.
  • Plated pins provide extended wear life and corrosion protection.

Caterpillar Side Dump Bucket 1.0m3   

  • capacity 1m3   
  • width 2388mm   
  • weight 1179kg

Caterpillar Side Dump Bucket 1.1m3   

  • capacity 1.1m3   
  • width 2743mm   
  • width 1175kg

Caterpillar Side Dump Bucket 1.2m3   

  • capacity 1.2m3   
  • width 2743mm   
  • weight 1179kg

Caterpillar Side Dump Bucket 1.5m3   

  • capacity 1.5m3   
  • width 2743mm   
  • weight 1270kg