These buckets are ideal for cleaning wide trenches, loading materials, slope cutting, grading and finishing work in construction, landscaping and road maintenance applications.

  • Caterpillar Tilting Ditch Cleaning Buckets are versatile for applications such as cleaning wide trenches, loading materials, grading, dressing slopes and more. These buckets are machine specific and are not interchangeable between machine model sizes.
  • Caterpillar Tilting Ditch Cleaning buckets feature a wide, shallow design for use in a variety of utility applications. These buckets are lighter in weight than digging buckets, and utilize internal bracing for structural support and rigidity.
  • Drainage holes on each side of the bucket allow water to drain while retaining material, which also reduces weight.
  • Wear strips provide additional bucket life by protecting the wrapper sheet. The number of wear strips is determined by the buckets design weight target.

Caterpillar Tilting Ditch Cleaning Bucket 1100mm (43in)

  • Width 43in (1100mm)
  • Heaped Capacity 3.8ft3
  • Bucket Weight 293lb

Caterpillar Tilting Ditch Cleaning Bucket 1200mm (47in)

  • Width 47in (1200mm)
  • Heaped Capacity 5.9ft3
  • Bucket Weight 356lb

Caterpillar Tilting Ditch Cleaning Bucket  1600mm (63in)

  • Width 63in (1600mm)
  • Heaped Capacity 83.89ft3
  • Bucket Weight 550lb