Caterpillar Utility Buckets are designed to grade, level and stockpile light materials, such as mulch, dry topsoil, livestock feed and waste.

  • The taller dual angled side plates aid in the retention of loose, more flowing materials such as feed or fertilizer.
  • Applications include grading, leveling, loading and stockpiling material in landscaping and agricultural work.
  • Longer floor length and taller back height provide excellent material retention. Full length skid bars provide additional floor rigidity and wear resistance.
  • Hardened steel base and side cutting edges provide excellent penetration, durability and wear life.

Caterpillar Utility Bucket 1524mm   

  • width 1524mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.43m3   

Caterpillar Utility Bucket 1676mm   

  • width 1676mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.48m3   

Caterpillar Utility Bucket 1829mm   

  • width 1829mm   
  • rated bucket capacity 0.52m3