Concrete Cutter jaws are the perfect choice where precise demolition/cutting of concrete structures is required.

  • The Multi-Processor features a large-diameter, cross-mounted cylinder providing exceptional cutting and crushing force and an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Any MP unit can accept multiple jaw sets for maximum on-the-job flexibility.
  • Equipped with replaceable concrete crusher teeth and reversible steel cutting knives.
  • The Multi-Processor features hydraulic 360 degree rotation; the unit can attack material to be demolished from virtually any angle, minimizing the need to move the base carrier.
  • The Multi-Processor with Concrete Cutter jaws puts maximum demolition force precisely where it’s needed, for fast efficient demolition work.
  • Integral steel-cutting knives slice through rebar and pipe, eliminating the need for torching.

Caterpillar Multi Processor with Concrete Cutting jaws MP20 [MP20 – COSA]   

  • weight (housing, jaw and bracket) 2600kg   
  • weight (jaw only) 930kg   
  • arm torque – fully open 844kN-m